Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wazzup Pilipinas Soon On Philippine National TV is proud to announce that they now have a new TV show dubbed as Wazzup Pilipinas TV and it will soon be shown at IBC 13 every primetime Saturday from 8 to 9 in the evening. It is a variety infotainment lifestyle show that will be more than just an online version of the blog. We believe this is the first time a blog has made it into national TV making it the first of its kind to achieve an outstanding achievement.

The creation of the TV version is truly a proud moment for its founder, Ross Del Rosario, more popularly known as the Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas. Ross joins a formidable team composed of Bart Abaya, the Philippine Barter King; Dave Aguila, the Common Sense Investor; Chef Tato, Halal Cooking Master, and quite a number of guest co-hosts appearing all throughout the show.

The production team has made Wazzup Pilipinas TV into a witty and intentionally humorous show to make it more appealing to a wider audience but at the same time filled with useful facts and information to educate and inform the more intellectual audience. In short, they tried their best not to make it boring. Lol!

The Wazzup Pilipinas TV show also capitalizes on using many forms of media to promote both the show and its sponsors so it is expected that the brands will receive a multitude of media mileage opportunities when they collaborate with Wazzup Pilipinas TV.

Since all of the individuals forming the production team and hosts are multi-talented and well-connected with many forms of media and social influences aside from television, all are assured that it's going to be a comprehensive promotional campaign. has definitely grown bigger and stronger even only after two years of being online. After their online media partnerships with many government agencies, brands, colleges and universities, and other organizations, your multi-awarded Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas has indeed reached greater heights when it opened its doors to many more partnership opportunities which included content contributions to newspapers and magazines, guesting on TV and radio shows, organizing media events, advocacy programs and promotional campaigns, spearheading long-term collaborations with more brands, organizations and agencies, and a lot more activities beyond online media partnerships.

Wazzup Pilipinas TV is now in the process of taping/shooting for segments for the show's first season episodes and they would like to invite everyone to be among the very first guests/sponsors of the show to join the many brands they have already partnered with. Wazzup Pilipinas TV can also turn the sponsorship into a long-term relationship mutually-benefiting for all parties involved. They will be more than willing to come up with the best package for interested sponsors.

If you are a business owner who would like to be featured in the Wazzup Pilipinas TV show, they would be happy to schedule you for the guesting/appearance/interview as per your availability and convenience. Please let them know when you will be available by sending them your preferred date, time and meeting place.

You may email them at and they will contact you asap, or call/text them at 0916 6459045 for faster communication.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not So Pedestrian Lanes

You know why pedestrian lanes are ignored? Because they're boring. IXM together with the Pasig City local government aims to change that with these not-so-pedestrian lanes. 0% accident, 100% service!

Looks amusing, yes. But for it to actually work? Probably not.

I can just imagine people crossing the street LOOKING DOWN and trying to figure out these hideous looking pedestrian lanes, while being oblivious to oncoming vehicles.

Hate to break it to you, guys, but people ignore pedestrian lanes because people tend to cross the road where it is convenient for them to reach their destinations efficiently.

What authorities should be thinking is how to properly disseminate knowledge of the Law to both pedestrians and motorists altogether. Pedestrian accidents happen mostly because of people jaywalking and motorists not knowing that it is enforced by Law that they should do a full stop when people are crossing in the pedestrian lane. Ignorance of the Law is the problem that should be given priority. Aesthetics is one thing, but it does not resolve the main problem.

I watched something in the news and found out that a lot of drivers don't even know what some road signs mean! Ridiculous, right? Authorities should make sure the drivers pass and really undergo REAL, HONEST, ACCREDITED training. DISCIPLINED and RESPECTFUL drivers equals less accidents.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ark Avilon Zoo

ARK AVILON ZOO is everybody’s interactive zoo, from kids to the kids at heart. Appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature and learn about conservation while having fun!

… Get up close and personal with Colin the Bornean Orangutan, Brutus the Mini Horse, Waki the Bearcat, Arthur the Old English Sheepdog, Cutie the Philippine Eagle Owl, C-2 the Moluccan Cockatoo, Cholo the Ball Python and many other interactive animals.

The Ark Avilon's is located in Tiendesitas, Pasig. Its unique shape resembling an ark was inspired from Noah's ark an ancient vessel known as the first Saviour of World's Biodiversity. So it actually looks like a boat! The story of Noah's Ark can be found in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. It tells the story of Noah, who was instructed by God to build a vessel to save his family and samples of animals all over the world from a great flood. The flood will be sent by God to destroy the evilness of men.

It houses small to medium size animals and has section for petting them. The zoo claims to be the 1st and only interactive indoor zoo in the Philippines as of date. Most of the animals are enclosed with a glass wall for viewing. Remember not to tap the glass as to avoid aggravating the animals!

The original zoo is farther East in Montalban, Rizal, but this 2,000-square-meter urban safari is just as delightful. Barely six months since it opened, Ark Avilon is already drawing hordes of kids and adults alike, eager to see a giant tortoise, a tiger, a lion and a jaguar up close. There are also less aggressive animals that kids can still have tons of fun watching, such as a python, an orangutan and the ever friendly and playful rabbits

Although the zoo houses in a limited space, the unique attraction that it has was outstanding, It maximize available resources that was mutually beneficial for both animals and Visitors. The cages where the animals are housed are designed for the specific corresponding need for each species.

The first floor of the Ark Avilon features a tampered glass window zone for excellent viewing and limited disturbance for the big predatory animals, a free ranging zone for animals that can be petted and a lounge where you can rest in the atmosphere of at the wild. While the second floor of the Ark Avilon houses a wire mesh aviary for birds, a farm styled cages for domesticated animals and a mini meadow for rodent pet animals. The Second floor was designed as the zone where the visitors can fully participate in caring for the animals, this is where you can touch and feel nature through feeding them.

Ark Avilon Zoo
Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue Corner C5, Pasig City
Telephone Nos. (+632) 706-2992/ 706-2993
Email Address: /

Pasig Fun Ranch

Pasig Fun Ranch is located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City. It’s just beside Tiendesitas. When you go to Fun Ranch, there's no entrance fee but if you use the rides, there’s a small fee that won’t even budge your budget. Rides include bumper car, bumper boat, red baron plane, train, ferris wheel, carousel, tugboat, jungle safari ride, and a mini remote controlled cars. It also has Active Fun which is an indoor playground. There is a place for bigger kids called Space Battle Ball, a ‘Star Wars’ themed playground. It has affordable rates compared to other theme parks and similar establishments in the country.
This mini-theme park indulges a kid’s fancies with its hit rides such as the bumper boat and the tic-tac ride. Any little girl becoming a princess is a cinch at the first ever in the world, Pink Salon by Barbie, where she can get a makeover including a Diva Hairstyle, glimmer tattoo and nail art. Kids can also discover their inner chefs at Marta’s Cakes, where they can create their own masterpiece of a cupcake. And when energy is running low from all the fun things to do, kids can always make a brief stop at the Big Red Barn Resto, or recharge at the Little Lambs Spa.

Pasig Rainforest Park

The Pasig Rainforest Park is the perfect place to bring your family and friends for recreation.

The park has a water theme park, swimming pool, mini zoo and aviary with various animals like deers, ostrich, monkey, snakes, crocodiles, birds and others,  parks for senior citizens, children’s playground, sports facilities like tennis, badminton and basketball courts and a wall-climbing area, a butterfly sanctuary or garden, a mini-train that tours the park, a pavilion, an amphitheater with giant chess boards, there's also an Adventure Park - good for those who enjoys extreme sports and also ideal for team building activities, a Gym, a Youth Training Center where leadership training seminars are held, tons of landscaping and a Japanese botanical garden for photographers to practice shooting at, and lots more…

The entrance fee to the park and zoo is FREE. Only the water theme park have entrance fee. Discounted rates for all Pasig Residents. ust bring any ID with a Pasig address on it. The Pool is clean and nice. There is a lap pool and a big pool with huge slide area and a safe kiddy wadding pool with huge dinosaur statues and water slides that the children will surely enjoy. The cottages are also clean and spacious with barbecue grill areas. Pretty decent compared to other private resorts in Metro Manila.

Also known as Pasig Central Park, this expanse of nature in Barangay Maybunga is an oasis from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The entirety of the park can be quite a walk, so try riding the train for a quick trip along its main features.

The Pasig River Ferry

The Pasig River Ferry was launched by President Macapagal-Arroyo way back 2007. Ten terminals were the proposed number to be built. The terminals are connected by twin-hulled catamarans 24.5 meters long by 7 meters wide. Each vessel has a capacity of 152 passengers and runs at an average speed of 10 knots.

The service operates from 6 am to 9 am and from 5 pm to 8 pm on weekdays and from 6 am till 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday. Ferry boats will be in service. One starting in Guadalupe, the other in Escolta. The ferryboat operator will charge a minimum rate of 25 pesos per short route and for longer routes the rate will be 35 to 45 pesos.

The government has provided the infrastructure and will be responsible for the security and safety of the navigation. Nautical Transport Service Inc. will operate the ferryboats.

When the project is completed, in addition to the 10 terminals stretching from Plaza Mexico at the Pasig River’s mouth , the proposed is to build four more stations along the Marikina River all the way to Santa Elena.

Ferry Stations:

    Plaza Mexico
    Escolta (operational)
    Quezon Bridge
    Sta. Ana (operational)
    Lambingan (operational)
    Hulo (operational)
    Guadalupe (operational)
    San Joaquin
    Marcos Bridge
    Riverbanks Mall
    Sta. Elena

Where: Pasig River. (Escolta, Sta. Ana, Lambingan, Hulo, Guadalupe)
When: From 6 am till 9 am and from 5 pm till 8 pm weekdays
From 6 am till 12 noon on weekend. Check possible change of schedule.

Pasig-Marikina River Improvement Project

MalacaƱang assured the public that heavy flooding could now be avoided after the Department of Public Works and Highways increased the holding capacity of the Pasig River through the river channel improvement project.

“Compared to two years ago, yes, there will be less flooding. But it will still depend on the volume of rainfall,” said Presidential Communication Secretary Ricky Carandang, citing the 99 percent completion of the Pasig-Marikina river channel improvement project.

He clarified that floods could further be prevented once the P13-billion master plan for flood management in Metro Manila and surrounding areas is finished in about two to three years.

“This should help minimize the impact of floods. To prevent another typhoon ‘Ondoy,’ we have to finish the master plan,” Carandang, who heads the Presidential Communications Strategic Planning and Development Office, said.

President Aquino conducted a surprise visit yesterday morning in Guadalupe (Makati City) and the entire Pasig River waterway, expressing concern about the possibility of another great flood.

Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson showed the improvements, in anticipation of the wet season, by way of increasing the holding capacity of Pasig River through dredging, river widening, rehabilitation of floodways, dikes, excavation and heightening of flood walls.

“Again, the idea here is to increase the holding capacity of the river so that it doesn’t overflow so easily the next time there’s a storm. This is part of a very comprehensive anti-flooding project,” Carandang said.

The Aquino government is also set to create what it termed as “retarding basins.”